Overview: A huge Need

It is remarkable that given the advances made by modern medicine there is still no reliable diagnosis for Lyme disease, nor an effective treatment for long-term Lyme disease. Lyme Research Alliance is dedicated to the discovery of a reliable diagnostic test and a cure for long-term, or persistent Lyme disease, to improve the lives of the millions of Americans living in tick-endemic areas.

The funds we raise are deployed with great deliberation and precision to support researchers at accredited universities, conducting evidence-based research. Our grant-making criteria give precedence to those programs and researchers whose work we judge most likely to deliver publication-worthy results and thereby contribute to the body of scientific knowledge describing the causes and mechanisms of tick-borne diseases.

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Lyme Research Alliance’s impact on the field of research into Lyme disease and its associated complications already includes two notable “firsts”:

  • Lyme Research Alliance co-funded America’s first dedicated center for research into Lyme and tick-borne diseases at Columbia University Medical Center in New York (2007)
  • LRA funded the research team that recently announced the first-ever drug to treat long-term Lyme disease, securing FDA pre-approval to enter clinical trials, anticipated to begin in October, 2014.

With the work under way on projects currently funded by Lyme Research Alliance we anticipate the addition of at least one new “First” within the next year.