grid image of childrenLyme disease is a silent epidemic that affects hundreds of thousands of people every year, especially in the northeastern United States. It is the most commonly reported tick-borne disease in the US and takes the heaviest toll on our children, with the highest incidence among the 5-14 age group. For every case of Lyme disease reported, the Centers for Disease Control estimate that 10 go undetected, often with severe long-term consequences. To decrease tick-borne disease we need new strategies to prevent tick bites, to prevent pathogen transmission, and especially for diagnosis, and treatment. Current diagnostic testing is less than 70% accurate, swelling the ranks of the long-term sick. Lyme Research Alliance primary focus is on accelerating the development of more effective methods of diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease. We fund cutting edge studies at leading medical research centers around the country, and we contribute to prevention by promoting education about detection and prevention of tick-borne illness in our own back-yard in the northeastern states.

We are all at risk for the ravages of tick-borne illness, especially our children. Lyme Research Alliance believes that our children deserve the same right of passage that we once had; the right to be children, and the right to play innocently and without fear of contracting a disease in their own backyard.  Our work will not be finished until we achieve this goal.

Lyme Research Alliance has been fortunate to attract many committed supporters from the private and public sectors who stand behind our relentless efforts to develop and fund these essential research programs. We hope you will join them in supporting our work. To learn more about our work, visit our Accomplishments and Goals sections.

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